Mimi Poliana Is a menswear designer based in South East London. She specialises in casual sportswear. For the last five years she studied at The Fashion Retail Academy and Ravensbourne studying fashion design. Her design work Is highly inspired by abstract and psychedelic art which she creates unique and unusual combinations of print and embroidery from. She combines these contemporary textiles with sports inspired silhouettes. All her inspirations have come from her personal background and the art she was surrounded and influenced by whilst growing up. 


Mimi's graduate collection unconscious is inspired by psychedelia. It explores the way psychedelics alter and effect your mind. Poliana mimics her own interpretation of how people visualise things whilst on psychedelics, by creating unusual and abstract embroidery patterns that are featured through out her collection. The initial inspiration came from a very personal place, As she grew up around psychedelic art. Her Father created a lot of psychedelic inspired paintings which was hung around the family home. The paintings became the main inspiration for her embroidery work.